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06/18/16 05:50 PM #6    

John Boubelik

Sat June 18

Yea--I'm in training.  Seems my southern belle wife also graduated Class of 66 down here in Shreveport.  They started their reunion weekend last night--at our house.  Their class about half the size of ours and they got out about 90 (class members and spouses). I told them we'd easily have over 200.

Because we're on the local side down here, I tried to talk to the out-of-towners to get they're take on traveling back home.  They all told me that they expected to be kinda pampered and waited on by the locals due to the terrible traveling experience they had to put up with.  So what about it reunion committee--any truth to that?  Looks like a great group doing the heavy lifting.  Thanks in advance!

06/20/16 08:37 AM #7    


Robert (Bob) Rosulek

The committee will be sure to devote time during our monthly get togethers to pampering training.  Thanks for bringing the issue to our attention.

Does your sister, Cathy?, still live in CL?

06/21/16 10:16 AM #8    

Patricia (Trish) Lantz (Sink)

Now would that be pampering or Pampers??

08/17/16 05:11 PM #9    


Diane Desmond (Robinson)

August 17, 2016 CLCHS Class of ’66 Luncheon


We missed some steady-eddies this month but welcomed a newbie, Kathleen Visin Sample.


With the reunion in late September, the group cancelled the September luncheon.


Seated L-R: Dawn Voss Payne, Sue Bainbridge Bauer, Tracy Gokey Hansen Biggiotti, and Gail Brown Kist.

Standing L-R: Dianne Benoy Cahill, Barb Schink Christian, Patricia Lantz Sink, Peggy Sund Schwab, Kathleen Visin Sample, Jim Wyman, and Diane Robinson.

The Village Squire North, Crystal Lake


09/12/16 10:05 AM #10    

Jean Hall (Shirk)

     Thank you, Tom, for developing this terrific website for our class! I am so glad there is a way to reengage with classmates and develop new connections with folks we didn't get to know very well.  

     I'm hoping there are more of you out there who are considering joining the website and contemplating coming to the reunion. Congrats to Sandra Reindell, now Dr. Sandra R. Patterson-Randles who served very successfully as the first female chancellor of Indiana University Southeast from 2002 to 2013.

     As I read the bios, I am so impressed by the incredible diversity of talent, interests, and activities enjoyed by our classmates and so interested to read about your adventures with family and friends.  What an inspiring group you are!

See you soon,

Jean Hall Shirk        







09/17/16 04:02 PM #11    

Dr. Sandra (Sandy) Reindl (Patterson-Randles)

Jean, thanks so much for the welcome!  I haven't had a chance yet to view profiles and explore the website, but I am very excited about the reunion and hope to reconnect with so many of my colleagues from so long ago.  50 years!  After the great tornado in 1965, my family moved to Colorado and my whole life changed.  I was very upset that I was not able to graduate with my class in Crystal Lake, so this reunion will be quite special for me.  I look forward to seeing you all!  Best, Sandy Reindl Patterson-Randles


09/28/16 11:57 AM #12    


Hector Bringas

Hi to every one, regreting not being able to make it due to working issues, send a big hug to every one, and wish you have a very good time , during that very special meeting. 50 YEARS ALREADY¡¡¡¡ wow sounds like a lot of time . Those whom I met during my stay in Crystal Lake and those whom I didnt , big hug, and congrats for this great page¡¡¡¡


10/06/16 08:35 AM #13    

Jean Hall (Shirk)

October 6, 2016     

Many, many  thanks to the reunion team for putting together such a terrific weekend of events!  It was so exciting to be able to reconnect with our classmates and get to know one another in new ways. I was amazed at how easy it was to get reacquainted... not what I anticipated. The class profiles were a big help, of course, but we've also grown up, gained more self-confidence and just become such a wonderful group of engaging, accepting people. And, as Bob said, we've all had tough challenges along the way...and I am so impressed with your strong, resilient spirits!  There were many warm hugs and great conversations with classmates... including those I had not known so well before. Thank you, one and all for a fabulous weekend!                                                                      

I was too busy visiting and didn't get as many e-mails as I should have. I can't wait until our terrific website administrator Tom Leigh puts us back online so I can stay connected. Again, many thanks to our reunion team for all of their amazing planning and hard work.

All the best,

Jean Hall Shirk                                                              




10/07/16 08:22 AM #14    


Diane Desmond (Robinson)

It's a wrap on our CLCHS Class of '66 reunion. This was our last. impromtu get-together as group (even though reduced to just 7) since Adele left on the next day for Nevada and Carol is not far behind with her return to Alaska on Monday, October 10.

What a fabulous few days!!

This picture was taken at The Village Squire North on Monday, Ocober 3.

‚ÄčL-R front: Carol Kemp Draveling, Adele Sabel Sherwood. Barb Studley Marson, Diane Desmond Robinson
L-R back: Kathleen Vision Sample, Sue Bainbridge Bauer, Trish Lantz Sink

As mentioned in an earlier post, the group selected The Cottage in Crystal Lake for our next regularly scheduled lunch at noon on October 19.

10/07/16 11:14 AM #15    


Craig Knaack

Jean Hall, your sentiments are "spot on".  I agree 100%.  It was a great event and great to see those who came.  Hopefully, our paths with cross again!

Diane Desmond, the committee was wonderful.  Your efforts did not go unnoticed or unappreciated.  Thank you and all who helped!


Craig Knaack

10/07/16 02:38 PM #16    


Diane Desmond (Robinson)


The committee thanks you for taking the time to extend the kudos!  The committee had a great time orchestrating the reunion.  Every minute of prep was worth it!!


10/12/16 04:10 PM #17    

Paul Thompson

Diane Desmond.....thank you so much for coming to my Mom's memorial.....here is my email.....pthompso77@gmail.com...look forward to staying in touch.


10/13/16 02:50 PM #18    

Sandi Nielsen (Parshall)

Thanks for a wonderful reunion.  It was my first time back to CL in 50 years! The reunion surpassed my expectations.  It was wonderful connecting with so many classmates...just not enough time with everybody.  CL still looks like a nice place to grow up.  Though it has grown alot, it still has a nice small town feel. I hope to attend future reunions.

10/13/16 06:03 PM #19    


Diane Desmond (Robinson)

CLCHS Class of '66:

As most everyone knows, Paul Thompson and his wife planned to join all four events celebrating our 50th.  They were excited about it as we all were and wanted four opportunities to have the chance to see and talk to everyone.  Sadly, Paul lost his Mom the week of our reunion.  Paul and his wife returned to Illinois from Wyoming to tend to matters of his Mom’s passing, a trip they planned for the reunion.  They were not, understandably, able to make the reunion and were where they needed to be.

Bob Rosulek broke away from his busy work commitments to pay his respects before the service on Saturday, October 8.  I was able to attend the service.  Both Bob and I took advantage of our time with Paul and Donna and took some quick pics.  I have attached three of them.  We thought you would enjoy.

Some classmates do email, some do Facebook, and some check our website but few check all three.  To be certain I reach everyone (as I usually do), I will put the pictures in all three places.  Thank goodness for the “Ctrl c & Ctrl v” function!!!

10/15/16 11:07 AM #20    


Craig Knaack

Paul, so sorry for your loss.  Thoughts and prayers are with you.

It is fall!  That means we have a football game in the lot next to your old house on Harold Street, right?  Remember those games?  Just you and me most of the time.  I also remember the great Halloween Party you had with all the "Guts and Goo" your Mom "concockted".  Wonderful memories, wonderful lady!  Hope all is well with you and yours.  - Craig

10/15/16 04:34 PM #21    


Craig Knaack

OK, I think I have it.  A video without a song that cannot be played in the United States.  (At least I hope I do)  In  case this does not work out, the You tube address is https://youtu.be/rEojjT218Ps  You can use this address in your browser and you should see the video.  Happy viewing!

10/16/16 01:30 PM #22    


Marsha Pearson (Willingham)

The video was wonderful.  Brought back so many nice memories.

Thanks so much for posting!

10/16/16 03:03 PM #23    


Robert (Bob) Rosulek


Thanks so much for putting the video together.  It was really fun to watch.  I love the pictures of people laughing, smiling and connecting.  It makes our efforts all worthwhile.  Dawn did a great job of capturing so many memorable moments.  My hat is off to her and you for memorializing the weekend.

Thanks again,


10/17/16 11:03 AM #24    

Jacqueline (Jackie) Saban (Rundall)

Thank you Bob and all committee members for your hard work and for making making this reunion a success!  I greatly appreciate your time and effort..

Thanks to you too, Dawn, for seemingly being everywhere to include everyone in the photos. I especially commend you on gathering us all for the

class picture.  Trying to gather us for the photo was akin to wrangling cats! 

And, Craig, I just finished watching the reunion video, and I can't stop smiling!  Great job!  


Jackie (Saban) Rundall



10/19/16 06:13 PM #25    


Diane Desmond (Robinson)

CLCHS Class of ’66:

It was another fun lunch today with classmates at The Cottage!

L-R: Ruth Ann Tipps Fredericks, Judi Halter, Barb Ross Dowling, Diane Desmond Robinson, Sue Bainbridge Bauer, Grand Poobah Bob Rosulek, Judy Pfeiffer Reichart and Bonnie Schwartz Iverson.


We discussed November and December lunches.  The group decided that we should plan on our November get-together (i.e., Nov. 16) and pass on the December lunch (i.e., Dec. 21).   We will resume lunches beginning in January.  We are staying with the plan of noon on the 3rd Wednesday of each month.

Our November lunch is as follows:

November 16
We are returning to the scene of our Class of ’66 Main Event at the Crystal Lake Country Club.  NO JEANS, please.  
Great wrap-up for a year of gradually getting to know each other again at our lunches and then celebrating with a remarkable 50th mega reunion from September 30 – October 2!

While time and distance do not permit many of you to join our monthly lunches, if at all possible for others, please join and bring another classmate!

05/24/18 04:20 PM #26    

Paul Schwebke

Can someone help me contact Ana Maria Rodriguez? She was an exchange student at CLCHS in 1965 or 1966. She probably lives in Buenos Aires now. I don't remember the name of her host family, but I think that they lived on Berkshire Drive. I went to their house regularly for Spanish conversation practice. Recently Linda and I met a couple who travel to Buenos Aires regularly. I think that they would enjoy meeting Ana Maria.

Paul Schwebke

08/19/18 08:41 AM #27    

John Boubelik

I'm you all remember Paul Thompson and his wife Donna missing the 50th due to the death of his mother Lu (as in Don & Lu). The love and support you all provided to Paul and his family was fantastic.

Now, 2 years later, they need your love again. Sadly, their son, Justin died about 2 weeks ago after being ill for some time . They are planning a small memorial at their home in Lander, Wyoming on Sep 9. I know both cards and prayers would be greatly appreciated.
Paul & Donna Thompson, Box 1855, Lander, Wyoming. 82520. As always, you guys are the greatest.

08/20/18 11:42 AM #28    

Barbara Studley (Marson)

Thank you John. Paul did put this on Facebook with a picture of his son. So tragic. Will be sending a card today

01/25/20 08:34 PM #29    

Paul Thompson

HEY Craig....sorry for your lose....I hope looking back on the memories will help ease the pain....thoughts with you.


01/26/20 08:21 AM #30    


Craig Knaack

Thanks for the kind and supportive words.

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