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We strive to keep this Web site a place where classmates feel they can participate without fear of search engines accessing their personal information or trolls pretending that they are a classmate when in fact they are not.  For this reason, your full membership is dependent upon your identity verification.  Although this may be somewhat time consuming and cause a bit of a delay for you to receive full access to our site, we hope is see the value in it.

Either you will receive an e-mail, sent to your primary e-mail address, requesting an answer to some questions that may help verify your identity or one alerting you that your verification is complete based on the information in your profile.  If you do not know the answers to the questions, simply send back a message stating that you do not know.  The Administrator has several more questions that they can send as alternate questions.  After you reply with the correct information, they will verify your account and notify you via e-mail of your activation into the system.

Last Update: 12-11-15