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If you are thinking about signing up, the first thing to know is that this site is FREE

When you join, you decide how much information to share with classmates and the amount of e-mail messages you receive.  But, until you have signed up and your identity verified, you will not have access to all sections on the site, e.g., our yearbook photos, fun facts that classmates have shared in their profiles, pictures of how they look now, and much more.  So do it now!  Follow the instructions below.

On the home page:

  1. Locate and click on Classmate Profiles menu or the JOIN HERE link.
  1. From the list of classmates, locate and click on your name.
  • The names came from the 1966 Tiger Tales yearbook, Commencement Program, and 1996 Reunion spreadsheet.
  • Cannot find your name on the classmate list?  Scroll to the bottom and click the Don’t see your name above? Click here to join >>> button.  Skip the next step.
  1. Click on the JOIN HERE! or click here now link.

Member Wizard Step 1 of 4: Contact Info

In Step 1, you enter your contact information.  We collect your mailing address and phone numbers in the event that we need to contact you by the USPS or phone.  Your e-mail address is part of your login sequence.  This information is private and does not appear on this site nor is it given to anyone without your permission, with the following exceptions:

  • All personal contact information is visible to the site Administrator(s).
  • Your birth date is visible to logged in classmates in the UPCOMING BIRTHDAYS box and on your profile page, only when you give permission.
  • The City and State of residence is visible to logged in classmates in the WHERE WE LIVE box and on your profile page.

Should any of this information changes, please update your contact info so that we always have your up-to-date information.  Access Edit Contact Info by picking the head & shoulder icon in the upper-right corner.

Member Wizard Step 2 of 4: Profile Details

Step 2 asks several questions.  Your answers become part of your profile.  Share as much or as little information as you want.  After you join, you are encouraged to add a current picture as a Master Photo, this photo appears in various areas around the site.  It's also interesting to upload an additional Now and Then photo.  Classmates enjoy seeing how you've changed!  Remember, they have changed also.  See How to Add Photos/Videos for help.

You may edit your profile information at any time.  Look for Edit Profile by picking the head & shoulder icon in the upper-right corner or the Edit Profile button at the top of your profile page.

Member Wizard Step 3 of 4: Notify Me and Track Classmate Profiles

Whenever an event listed in this step occurs, it triggers the e-mailing of a notice to you, if you elect to receive it.  This helps reduce unwanted e-mail messages from this site.  You only receive what you want.  You must Opted-In to receive any e-mail.  See E-mail Verification.

So that these messages are not treated as spam, add the e-mail address no-reply@classcreator.net to your e-mail account's “whitelist” or “safe senders” list.

You may edit your preferences at any time.  Look for Notify Me by picking the head & shoulder icon in the upper-right corner.

Member Wizard Step 4 of 4: Success!

That’s it!  You have now joined our site.  Before continuing, please read the Class Creator Privacy Policy.  See also, the www.clchs66.com Privacy Policy.

Last Update: 06-13-16