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Welcome to the website for the
Class of 1966


Then: Now:

Was it really four years ago
that we came here as freshman?
It seems like only yesterday.
We look back at the fun
and good times, the memories.
They bring thoughts of yesterday.
Today, as graduating seniors, we prepare
to go on in life, whether it be a job or college.
We are standing on the threshold of tomorrow.

Christi Husman  (Tiger Tales 1966)

Was it really fifty four years ago
that we came as freshman?
It no longer seems like yesterday.
Yet, we still look back at the fun
and good times, the memories.
That brings thoughts of yesterday.
Today, as seniors, we continue to go on in life,
whether it be continued employment or retirement.
We have crossed the threshold that was tomorrow.


WWW.CLCHS66.COM is the official Web site of the CRYSTAL LAKE COMMUNITY HIGH SCHOOL, Class of 1966.  You are considered part of the Class if, when you entered the Crystal Lake school system, you expected to graduate in 1966.  Even though you may not have graduated with us or completed all twelve years with us, you are welcome to join.

This site is many things, but it is not about waistlines, hairlines, or credit lines.  It is about lifelines!  The intent is not to entertain you with frequent design and content changes but to create a daily class reunion venue that will help you reconnect with your friends from a time that may have been the most carefree years of your life and to act as a scrapbook of memories for you and your family.

Your participation is essential for it to succeed.  Your photos, profile updates, and memories enhance the site.  Your fellow classmates will enjoy hearing about you, from you.  Even if you haven't attended a reunion or kept in touch with anyone since high school, please take the time to keep your profile up-to-date; maybe add a photo or two and take advantage of the communication features.  Your participation will make this site fun, interesting, and complete.

Unlike other classmate/alumni/reunion sites, this site is completely FREE to its membership.

If you have questions or suggestions, please Contact Us.

Reuniting its members since 2011

Continuing to reunite its members through 2026




•   Kathleen Harrigan (Stock)  10/22
•   James Wyman  5/3
•   Barbara Studley (Marson)  2/27
•   Susan Petterson (Sterner)  1/21
•   Jack Odell (Odell)  1/21
•   Patricia (Trish) Lantz (Sink)  1/17
•   Marsha Pearson (Willingham)  1/3
•   Diane Desmond (Robinson)  10/22
•   Judith (Judy) Haase  9/13
•   Pamela (Pam) Powers (Hacker)  7/31
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